I think a lot of people go to medical school because they want to take care of people and save lives, it’s a responsibility people have. This is an opportunity to save a life and you don’t have to do anything special.
— Ian Mallett, second-year medical student, University of Mississippi Medical Centre

Bone marrow donation has a penchant for being misunderstood. Despite its importance in saving patients with blood diseases, many continue to turn away – not because they are apathetic, but because they harbour misconceptions that frighten them.

We want to change this.

So we seek to bridge this gap in knowledge. Bring to light the very real plight of these patients. Pour out the misapprehension, fill the space with All Things On Bone Marrow Donation, and smoothen out the cracks with love. Transform our generation and shape a nation. To a place where joining the register is a part of growing up, ‘marrowcle’ is an actual word, and all patients have a chance to start anew.

A collaboration between the International Federation of Medical Students Association Singapore's Standing Committee of Public Health & the Bone Marrow Donor Programme.
IFMSA-Singapore falls under the Asian Medical Students Association Singapore, which spans the three medical schools in the country


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