Standing Committee of Human Rights & Peace

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About Us

We are a newly established standing committee within AMSA- Singapore, under the IFMSA’s Standing Committee Framework, that serves as a student led body concerned about the advocacy and promotion of understanding of local and international topics of Human Rights and Peace within the medical student community in Singapore.

Our Vision 

The creation of a new generation of medical students and healthcare professionals who are sensitive, empathetic and equipped with knowledge regarding human rights that sees to the realisation of access to healthcare and all other core human rights of all vulnerable communities.


A committee filled with passionate medical students who endeavour to provide opportunities for their peers to understand more about human rights of different vulnerable communities in order to fulfill our vision.


Our Events

  • The Purple Parade Campaign 2017 (Around September/October annually)
  • World Human Rights Day 2017

  • International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2017

  • AMSA’s Newsletter Medi-go-round December 2017 Issue

  • Training New Human Rights Trainers Camp (coming up)

  • SCORP-related project needs assessment survey (coming up)

How Do I Get Involved?

Throughout the year, the SCORP committee is committed to developing human rights resources and opportunities for medical students and strengthening the capacity of existing medical student projects in Singapore. This includes the following topics:

  • Human Rights Knowledge

  • Medical Ethics

  • Advocacy

  • Migrant Worker Rights

  • Women Sexual and Reproductive Rights

  • Disability and Special Needs Rights

  • Mental Health

  • Domestic Violence and Violence to Women and Children

  • Poverty and Homelessness in Singapore

  • Prison and Criminal Rights

  • Disaster Risk Management

Should you be interested in developing or initiating your project in the above SCORP related topics and other unmentioned topics, feel free to contact AMSA-Singapore’s SCORP director, Tan Li Yin, at We possess relevant resources and contacts and are invested in helping your project develop.

Contact Us

To stay in the loop of international SCORP events and opportunities, all Singapore medical students invited to join the official IFMSA SCORP yahoo group mailing list:
To subscribe, send an empty email to and confirm the link that you will receive in your email address. Alternatively, do request to become a member of IFMSA SCORP Facebook Group

For exciting events planned by AMSA Singapore’s SCORP committee, stay tuned to updates via AMSA’s official weekly news feed. Medical students are highly encouraged to participate in IFMSA’s annual general meetings where SCORP sessions will also be covered.

AMSA-Singapore SCORP committee’s Purple Parade Campaign 2017 was featured in the pioneering issue of AMSA’s newsletter, Medi-go-round. You may access it via Mede-Go-Round December 2017