Current Executive Committee

8th Executive Committee

Gerald Fung

Internal-Vice President
Clara Lavanya Apollos

External-Vice President 
Julian Low

Arsha Aggarwal

Ng Jun Xuan

Marketing & Publicity Director 
Clarice Chan

National Officers of Public Health
Sophie Koh & Shi Haixiao

National Officers of Sexual & Reproductive Health
Gayatiri Raveentheran & Yap Bei Jun

National Officer of Human Rights & Peace
Tan Li Yin

National Officer of Medical Education
Tan Mui Yee

Regional Chairperson 
Jasmine Chua

AMSEP Directors
Ng Yong Hong & Low Cher-Lyn

National Officer of Professional Exchange
Tay Huiwen

National Officer of Research Exchange
Ian Wee Jun Yan

Previous Executive Committees

7th Executive Committee (2016/17)

6th Executive Committee (2015/16)