Is there a platform in medical school where you can explore different aspects of health around the world? There are, but not many. This is why AMSA has decided to create a group that anyone can drop by to discuss topics that are not really talked about or taught to us in everyday lives. Global Health Club (GHC) aims to widen the perspectives of a medical student beyond the local healthcare context. In fact, there is so much going on around in this world. You may think climate change has nothing to do with healthcare but it certainly has caused more floods, drought and other harsh conditions that make the population prone to different diseases.

This is just an example of the topics that we wish to explore at GHC. Recent session was held with a topic of rural health, focusing largely on the aspect of overseas community projects. It was an excellent opportunity to talk about experiences at such projects, including solving a dilemma on resource distribution. We will be focusing the subsequent sessions on other topics including efficiency of healthcare systems around the world, and reviewing UN sustainable development goals. At the end of the day, we want everyone to drop by and contribute ideas to such issues that we don’t normally encounter. Who knows? Maybe your idea can be the next game-changer!