TCU/YLL AMSEP 02/2016 Day 1

Today was the first day of the our exchange with Tzu Chi University of Taiwan. After bringing our friends from the airport to their hostel (& getting slightly lost along the way), we headed straight to little India to enjoy their first meal in Singapore - Northern & Southern Indian food at Muthu's Curry. It was while sharing a meal there that we realised our definition of "a little spicy" was world's apart from their's. What was marked as "not spicy" on the menu turned out to be way too spicy for some of them. Nonetheless, dinner was a good time of getting to know each other better & learning more about our similarities and differences.

After dinner, the taiwanese drew lots to pick their buddies. We were all very excited to find out who we would be hosting for the next few days. After getting to know our buddies, we headed off for a short tour of little India by our very own participant, Nandhini! She brought us around to see a procession being performed at a temple, some traditional Indian crafts being sold at the road side stalls as well as a short tour of mustafa where many of our Taiwan friends bought postcards to send back home from Singapore.

Tired after a long day, we brought them back to their hostel while playing ice breakers along the way. Overall, it was a great first day, and we are really looking forward to the rest of the exchange!