A meaningful day was spent at the Day Adults Activities Center St. Andrew’s Autism Center, where we interacted and learn more about people with moderate to severe autism. It was an eye opening experience for both myself and the Taiwanese, some of whom have only interacted with children with mild autism. We were split into pairs and assigned to observe and help out the coaches in different classes. Each class had a different schedule of activities ranging from supermarket visits, outing, cooking to exercising. Our idea of autism changed quite a bit after the day attachment to classes. During the debrief session, a few heartwarming stories were shared about how some of us progressed from initially having fear about not knowing how to deal with the clients, to gaining rapport and trust from them, and managing to help the coaches in teaching the students something new. The session definitely helped all of us be better healthcare professionals in letting us know more about this special group of individuals, whom we had previous stereotypes about and stigma towards.

Following the CIP session, we introduced the Taiwanese to the Arab and Muslim culture by bringing them to the Kampong Glam area. The Taiwanese also got to walk through the eclectic mix of boutiques and quaint shophouses on Haji lane.

After filling our hearts with warmth and eyes with wander, it was finally time for dinner. Braving the pouring rain, we filled our tummies with fish soup from the famous Rangoon Road Whampoah Keng Steamboat restaurant, which everyone could not get enough of. Still craving for more food, we headed to get some traditional desserts unique to Singapore at Chinatown.

We ended our day with a calming night stroll beside the Singapore River, beside the stretch of bars at Clark Quay, in the relaxed atmosphere of a Friday night. Indeed, it was a perfect way to end a week of work.

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