It's FOODIE THURSDAY! It was a usual hot and humid day in Singapore but things got a little spicier when we brought our Tasmanian buddies to try out a Thai food place called Nakhon at Holland Village. It is dubbed as one of the yummiest and most affordable Thai food in this city state! (not advertising for Thai food or anything but it is really good). My buddy and I shared a Phad Thai, Thai style Fried Kway Teow, Pandan Chicken and not forgetting our not-so-spicy Seafood Tom Yum soup! It was a scrumptious meal and the sweltering heat definitely did not dampened our high spirits.

After lunch, we strolled pass some of the more famous cafes in Holland Village and ogled at the mouth-watering desserts before heading to school for Ethics tutorials. We had an ever-confusing and enlightening lesson where some of the exchange students were asked about their views by our lovely Professors. Our buddies were taken aback at how intense our debates can get and it was definitely an eye-opener for them.

We spent the evening at the big shopping malls in Jurong East where our Tasmanian buddies got the chance to buy souvenirs and gifts either for themselves or for their families! We spent a very long time roaming around the malls for food places to eat as there were so many good food to choose from! At last we settled for Japanese food at Ichiban Boshi, which is the one-stop place for average-priced Jap food in Singapore!

I have learnt a lot from today about the vast differences between standards of living between Singapore and Australia albeit both being first-world countries. One plate of Phad Thai costs around $5 in Singapore while it costs $18 in Aussie! I'm really glad for this opportunity to bring my buddy around to eat cheap and yummy food which would otherwise be too expensive for them back in Australia. I've also learnt to count my blessings to be in a place where affordable and delectable foods are readily available for "poor" uni students (like myself) and there is truly nothing like home when it comes to having a food haven just a stone's throw away.

Cheryl Goh, M1, YLLSoM