TCU/YLL AMSEP 02/2016 Day 2

To put it simply, our second day was action-packed and fruitful! Our Taiwanese friends got up early and attended Anatomy lectures by Prof Raj. They like his way of teaching and did not find it too fast or too overwhelming. Afterwards, we had lunch at Food Clique and toured NUS Utown. They were very impressed with the facilities in residential halls and colleges. At YaleNUS, all of us were gaping at their library. We headed back to school for Harvey Session conducted by Dr Satish. He gave an introduction of Cardiovascular Physiology as our friends haven't learnt that yet and gave them a mini crash course on heart sounds.

Afterwards, we visited the Med Library and headed to Anatomy Hall. It was the first time that our exchange students saw a cadaver and they were rather nervous at the start. As they have not started learning human anatomy, we gave them a brief introduction to the names and functions of some of the rather prominent parts. They also asked us questions and some of us told them about landmarks (e.g. ASIS) which are clinically important. Dr Satish very kindly talked to all of us and help us with our learning as well.

In the evening, we visited the Botanic Gardens. Most of the time we just sat on the grass, talking and enjoying the scenery. As the sun set, we walked to Adams Food Center for dinner. Local hosts ordered a whole array of local food (our fav Char Kuay Teow, Ice Kachang etc) and had a really sumptuous dinner to end our day. Most of us are really tired, but we certainly had a lot of fun. Really looking forward to tomorrow!