EAMSC 2016 Taiwan Adventure Day 2!!

The adventure continues as our delegates start fresh new day filled with excitement for the day ahead. Breakfast this morning confirmed the fact that the Taiwan hosts are really good at spoiling their guests with great variety of delicious food.

We made our way to National Taiwan University Hospital via the MRT (Metro Rapid Transit) along with the crowd that were rushing to work. If you thought the rush hour crowd in our own MRT is bad, you have yet to witness the impossibility of entering a train packed full of people (Yes even the middle of the carriage) in Taiwan.

After successfully arriving at NTUH in one piece, we were formally welcomed by the host and attended a keynote address by Professor David who talked about how data can save lives and the future of medicine and technology. Our delegates learnt much from the witty professors entertaining and engaging lecture from creating "Star Maps" of disease relations and revisiting the calculation of probability, a skill that most of us have long returned to our math tutor.

Now on to the main highlight of the day for most of us. The Running Man Games. We raced across most of Taipei searching for stations scattered all around, with the aid of nothing more than a few pieces of paper riddled with riddles (see what i did there). The games really allowed us to see Taiwan and what it has to offer in its most natural form, allowing us to soak up the ambiance of National Taiwan University with its scenic archaic building and architecture, smell and taste the "chou dou fu" (Smelly beancurd) in the night market and also watchers as peddlers rush about to avoid the police.

For some of us, the night ended with a hike up "elephant hill" . Upon reaching the observation deck and almost dying in trying to do so, we were rewarded with a beautiful view of the city lights of Taiwan and the majestic 101 Tower.

Now our delegates have retired into their rooms to rest and prepare for tomorrows activities which include a tour to the National Defense Medical College and the Taipei 101. Check back tomorrow for more!

Photo credit : Keith Low (Treasurer, 6th Exco AMSA Singapore)