AMSA Singapore Conference Opportunities

AMSA Singapore organises a wide variety of local and international events to fulfil its vision of Knowledge, Action and Friendship. We do so by collaborating with other member chapters of AMSA International and the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations to spearhead innovative medical and health projects.

AMSA’s international events, which comprise of international conferences and exchanges, are well-known and well-received amongst our local students for their enriching and exciting experiences. Through these activities, AMSA hopes to create a platform for medical students in the Asia-Pacific region to meet and share their experiences in the hope of allowing each participant to gain a more holistic perspective on medical issues. Furthermore, we hope to be able to provide opportunities for local health project leaders to share their project and research insights on an international scale, while gaining new ideas and directions for their projects in doing so. 

Summary of Conferences

  1. East Asian Medical Students’ Conference (EAMSC) 

  2. Asian Medical Students’ Conference (AMSC) 

  3. IFMSA General Assembly (GA) March & August

  4. IFMSA Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM)

  5. IFMSA Youth Pre-World Health Assembly Workshop